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Jesus in Islam..Jesus Mother in Islam.....

Jesus in Islam..Jesus Mother in Islam.....

by Amer Al-bayya on Monday, 18 April 2011 at 18:18
Jesus in the Quran
Swedish translation: Aisha & Aisar
The Islamic view of Jesus is far from the other religions.
The Jews, who denied Jesus as a prophet of God, called him
an impostor. The Christians on the other side considered him to be the son of God and
worshiped him like this. Islam considers Jesus to be one of the main
The prophets of God and respects him as much as Ibrahim
(Abraham), Moses and Mohammed. (Peace be upon them) This is in
well with the Islamic view on the unity of God, the divine
guidance unit, and in a complementary role, even at the Mission
who came to fall on God's messengers.
The central part of Islam - the willing submission to the will of God
- Was revealed to Adam, who transmitted it on to their children. All
subsequent revelations received by Noah, Ibrahim, Moses, Jesus
and finally Mohammed (Peace be upon them) had the same message,
carefully designed to determine the relationship between man and
God, man and man and man and regulations. Therefore,
Islam is the contradictions in the revealed religions as something
created and introduced by humans. Jesus prominently in these three
major religions - Judaism, Christianity and Islam - should not be
seen as an exception.
Although the Quran does not present a detailed life story of Jesus,
informing it of the important aspects of his birth, his mission and
His ascension to heaven and condemns Christian beliefs
about him. Quran's contemplation of Jesus begins with his mother,
Mary, befruktelse. Maria's mother was married to Imran and took a vow
to dedicate his daughter to worship in the temple. When Mary became a
woman, appeared in the Holy Spirit (the Archangel Gabriel) for
her in the form of a man, with news of a son. In the Qur'an we read
the following dialogue between Mary and the angel:
The angels said: "Maria! Allah giveth thee glad
message of one s from Him (which you will give birth to it) whose
name shall be Messiah Jesus son of Mary, held in honor of
this world and the Hereafter, and one of them will be
in (God's) presence. He shall speak to the people in the cradle and the
mature age and he must be one of the righteous. "
Mary said: "O Lord! How can I have a son when no man
has touched me? "(The angel said):" How (will it be), God creates what 2
He wants to. If He wants something to be said he only
it: 'Be! "- and it is."
(Quran 3:45-47)
In a chapter (Surah) entitled "Maryam" (Mary), says Quran
us how Mary gave birth to her son, and the accused when she was with him
child home:
In due time she returned to her with the baby in her arms. Said
the "Mary, you have done something monstrous! You sister of Aaron! Your father
was not a bad person and your mother was not a promiscuous
slut! "Then she pointed to the child. (They said): "How would we
able to speak to an infant (who is) in the bud? "(When speaking) he
(To them): I am the servant of God. He has given me revelation and
called me a prophet. He has blessed me, wherever I am,
and commanded me that as long as I live Prayer and get me an
the poor and to love my mother and show her contempt - and
He has not made me a miserable tyrant. (God's) peace was
me the day I was born and will be with me the day I die and
the day I peel resurrected from the dead. "
(Quran 19:29-33)
In the same chapter, following the above quotation, God assures
Mohammed (peace and blessings be upon him) and through him
worldwide, it has been told above is the truth about Jesus
(God's peace and blessings be upon him), though the Christians do not want to realize
this. Jesus is NOT God's son: He was, of course, only son of Mary.Verse
"This is the true word of Jesus, the son of Mary, on the (natural) the
disagree. (The majesty of God) forbid that he should have a son, much is
He in His glory. When he decides that something must be said, he
only to it: Be!, And they are. "
(Quran 19:34-35) 3
After this strong statement about Jesus' nature, rely God Mohammed
(God's peace and blessings be upon him) to call the Christians to worship
of the one God:
"And (Jesus said), Allah is my Lord and your Lord, to be Him
you worship. This is a straight path. "
(Quran 19:36)
The rejection of the very idea of God having a son is re-written
later in the same chapter with even stronger words:
"And they say: The Gracious, the (pardon) a son. You have uttered something
tremendously. Something that could blow up the heavens to pieces and get
Earth to rend and mountains that plunge into the depths that people are so
far as to assign the Merciful a son! The notion that the
Gracious is (begotten) son is not consistent with His divine
majesty! None of the creatures (who populate) the heavens and the earth
can approach the Merciful, other than as His servants "
(Quran 19:88-93)
Quran acknowledging the fact Jesus had no human father, but
this fact does not make him the son of God, or God Himself. If we
would go by that criterion, then Adam was more entitled to
as son of God, because he had neither mother nor father. Quran draws
attention to the miraculous creation both of the following
"Before God, Jesus is by nature akin to Adam. He created
him of the ground and said to him: Be! and he is. "
(Quran 3:59)
Quran denies the so-called trinity of God the Father, God the Son
and God the Holy Spirit - just as strong as it denies the idea that
Jesus is the Son of God. This is unable for reasons that God is One.Three can not be one. 4
Qur'an addresses the Christians in the following verses from sura called "An-
Nisaa '(Women)
"Successors of previous revelations! Do not go to extremes in
(Practice of) your religion and say not of God different from that
True! Christ Jesus, Son of Mary, was a messenger of God and His Word
proclaimed to Mary and the spirit of his (spirit). Believe in God and therefore
His messengers and say not: "(God is) three." Termination of your own
best! God is the one God. Greater is He in His glory, far
from (the idea) that he would have a son! To him be all that
heavens and whatever is on earth. No one needs additional
protection beyond God. Christ has not adhered to good to be God
servant, nor angels have their place in His presence. (On
the last day) He will gather them all before Him whose pride
preventing them to serve God. Then He will give those who had faith
and lived righteous their full salary and in His mercy give them more;
but the proud he must have endured a painful doom and they
shall not find patronage consent or helper besides God. "
(Qur'an 4:171-173)
The denial of the divinity of Jesus (and Mary's divinity also for the
part) is presented in the Quran as a dialogue between the Almighty and
Jesus on Judgement Day. All the envoys and their people will be gathered
in front of God and He will ask the messengers how they were received
of their people and what they told them. Among those who will be
respondents is Jesus:
"And God said, Jesus, son of Mary, is it you who asked
people to worship you and your mother as divine beings in
hand of God? (Jesus) shall say, "Great are You in Your glory! How
I say what I have no right to say? If I had
You said this would surely have known it. You know what is in my
innermost but I do not know what is in your innermost: You know everything
which is hidden from the people. "
(Quran 5-116)
Now that it is determined that the Quran denies the Trinity and the son of
the form of Jesus, what was then, according to the Koran, Jesus' real mission? The answer
of this is that Jesus was a link in the long chain of Prophets and 5
messengers were sent by God to different nations when they needed
guidance or when they departed from Moses and other Envoy's teachings. Despite
he miraculously was aided by the many miracles which proved that he was
a messenger from God, rejected the majority of the Jews his
In another Koranic verse, Jesus confirms the validity of the Torah
appeared in writing given to Moses and he also gave the glad
message that a final messenger would come after him:
And (remember) Jesus son of Mary, who said: "Children of Israel! I am sent
to you by God to confirm what is still composed of the Torah and the
to proclaim to you the glad tidings of a messenger who shall
come after me whose name shall be Ahmad. "
(Quran 61:6)
Please note that "The vaunted" is a translation of "Ahmad" -
Prophet Muhammad's name. A careful study of the New Testament shows that
Jesus refers to the same Prophet in John 14:16-17: "I shall
ask the Father, and He shall give you another Helper (Prophet Mohammed);
who will be with you forever: the Spirit of truth. "
The usual explanations no to this prophecy is that the "helpers"
refers to the Holy Spirit, but such a declaration else can be excluded using
by another verse in John: "But I tell you the truth: the
is to your advantage that I go away. For if I leave you, will not
Comforter to you. "
He is counselor characteristics, which can be derived from this prophecy,
it that he will forever remain with the faithful that he will
to praise Jesus, and that he will speak what he hears from God. All
four characteristics fit the Prophet Muhammad. He came six
decades after Jesus. He came up with a comprehensive and eternal message,
who completed the prophecy of the counselor who would come to stay with
the faithful forever. He praised Jesus as the great Prophet.
Koran attributes to Jesus miracles not mentioned in the Bible, Old or
New Testament, as well as specific verses in the Quran show how the Prophet
Muhammad was rejected by Jews and Christians, unable for reasons prejudices and
misunderstanding rather than of knowledge that came from the Bible
It is a historical fact that there are many who follow "the straight
means "the people were called to by Jesus. He was followed only by
a few disciples who were inspired by God to support him. The non-
believers conspired against him - as they did against Mohammed
six decades later - to kill Jesus. But God had better plans for
him and his followers, as the Qur'an tells us: 6
"When Jesus perceived their unwillingness to believe (on him) said:
"Who wants to help me (to call people) to God's way?" The
dressed in white, said: "We are God's helpers! We believe in God, bear witness to
that we have subjected us His will! Lord! We believe in what you
has revealed to us and we want to follow the envoy, count us
among the witnesses of truth. And those (who would not believe) crafted the wicked
plans (to Jesus), but (even) God schemed - no plotting
plans better than God. And God said, "Jesus! I will call you to
Me and I will exalt you to my (glory) and I shall be clean
you from (the accusations) deniers of the truth (turned
against you). And I will put those who follow you far above those
deny (you) until the Day of Resurrection: then shall ye all go
Back to Me and I shall judge between you in all that you were
disagree about. "
(Quran 3:52-55)
As the above verse shows Jesus was and was elevated to heaven.
He was not crucified. It was indeed their plan, those who were against
Jesus, let him sit on the cross until he died, but God saved
him and someone else was crucified in his place:
"And (We punished them) for their denial and the tremendous,
offensive lies that they spoke about Mary, and their words: "We
have killed Christ Jesus the son of Mary (who claimed to be) God
envoy! "But they killed him not nor crucified
him, although for them seemed to be so. Those who are of different
sentence is not sure of their case, they have no (real) knowledge of
without relying on assumptions. It is certainly so that the
not killed him. No, God raised him to His (glory);
God is almighty, wise. And among the followers of earlier times
Revelations is no one who is not before his death, believe in him (as
Prophet of God) and he shall testify against them on the Day of Resurrection. "
(Qur'an 4:156-159)
The Quran does not explain who the person was crucified instead of Jesus,
Nor does the supposed time of Jesus' arrival. But the interpreter of
Quran has always believed that this last verse says that Jesus will
believe in him before he dies. This interpretation is supported by authentic
statements (Hadith) of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings
upon him and upon all the messengers of God).
God is one..Islam is one...
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