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Excellence of prostration during the Quranic recitation:

Excellence of prostration during the Quranic recitation:

by Rope Of Allaah: Quran And Hadith on Monday, 31 January 2011 at 01:07
Abu Hurairah narrates that the Prophet sallallahu alehi wasallam said:

"If a son of Adam recites an 'ayyah of prostration and prostrates, the Satan departs from him and cries: 'O woe, he was ordered to prostrate and he did, so for him is paradise. I was ordered to prostrate and I disobeyed, so for me is the Hell." [Ibn-e-Maaja]

Ibn  Umar narrates " when the prophet recited the surah whcih contained the verse of Prostration, he used to prostrate and we too would prostrate and some of us did not find a place to do prostration"(Bukhari) 

1. There are fourteen places of sajdah-e-tilaawat in the Quran. Wherever the word "sajdah" appears on the margin of the Quran, then on reciting that verse, sajdah becomes wajib. This sajdah is known as sajdah-e-tilaawat.
2. The method of making sajdah-e-tilaawat is as follows: the person should stand straight first then say Allahu Akbar and go into sajdah. When saying Allahu Akbar the hands should not be raised. While in sajdah, he should say: Sub-hana Rabbi-yal Aala, at least three times. Thereafter, he should say Allahu Akbar and raise his head. The sajdah-e-tilaawat is now complete.

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